An experienced writer, editor, educator, and United Methodist pastor, Dr. Lori Wagner is uniquely qualified to serve as content editor for Invite Press. Wagner studied Languages and Literatures with a research interest in cultural studies of science at the University of Pennsylvania and taught as Assistant Professor of English and German at Elizabethtown College. She has taught research, writing, composition, public speaking, and critical thinking adjunctly at various prestigious universities for over 30 years. She is an experienced writer and editor in both the secular and Christian markets. Lori is the author of several peer-reviewed journal articles and reviews and has written a novel, poetry, short stories, and over 300 published sermons. She has done freelance editing, including copy and content editing for both companies and nonprofits, has served as a dissertation editor for doctoral students and as an independent book content editor for several well-known Christian authors.

Lori holds a Master of Divinity from Drew University and a Doctor of Ministry from Portland Seminary and has studied fiction at Temple University. She has served as a weekly contributor and site content editor for preachthestory.com for five years and is currently a weekly contributor and occasional editor for sermons.com. She is ordained in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church and currently serves as senior pastor at Quakertown UMC.


Greater Things: The Work of the New Creation


The future begins now.

The turmoil of the 2020s are not an anomaly, but best understood in the context of a larger sea change that has been growing for the last generation. If the world is truly ending, then all is moot. But we would be wise to explore the alternative: instead of the end of the world, perhaps we are living through the birth of a new era.

It is impossible to go back in time and space to where we were before the pandemic began. The old ways are done; now it is time to build. We have work to do. But how?

Christians do not have a sterling reputation for new ideas, noteworthy solutions, and needle-moving systems. Yet, in various cultures and settings for the last two thousand years, real change that creates flourishing societies has often come through the work of Christians. Over and over, followers of Jesus have demonstrated a supernatural ability to build culture and create opportunities for human flourishing.

What the world needs today is not just new ideas but Christian innovators. Christian innovation is what happens when Christ’s people leverage their creative gifts and allow themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit through the work of Christ’s community for the inauguration of God’s purpose. Jesus has a simple name for such work: greater things.

This book is an exploration of the implications of Jesus’ promise that we can do greater things. Its goal is to define and make simple the idea and process of Christian innovation. This groundbreaking work offers a means by which anyone can move to the forefront of positive societal change.

The time to tear down is done; now it is time to build. Learn how to do greater things today.

“Every now and then a book shoots across the sky like a bolt of lightning, cleansing the air, clarifying the subject matter, silhouetting the challenges, and lighting up the horizon for new vistas and ventures. Len Wilson’s Greater Things is that rare, out-of-the-blue bombshell of a book that will electrify anyone concerned about innovation, creativity, and imagination in the church.”

Best-selling author of over 60 books, distinguished visiting professor at five colleges and universities, and founder/president of SpiritVenture Ministries, PreathTheStory.com, and The Salish Sea Press.

"Sometimes a book comes along and it is clearly the book for this moment. Greater Things is just that book for Christian leaders today. Len Wilson, a trusted innovator and an accomplished practitioner, takes us on a journey to better understand where we are at and where the Spirit is leading.  If you have felt stuck in ministry or are looking for ways to use your creativity for God’s Kingdom, this is the book for you!"

Pastor, Providence Church, Mt. Juliet, TN

"Greater Things gets to the heart of innovation from a deep, holistic biblical perspective. This is really great, theological writing. Truly a much needed reading for connecting to God's next!

Pastor Emeritus, Ginghamsburg Church, Founder and Chief Strategist, Passionate Churches, LLC

"This is the best book on Christian innovation I've ever read. For too long the Western church has blindly embraced the ideology of progress as our core narrative. Through faithful and penetrating Scriptural engagement, Len replaces the common adoption of 'creative destruction' with a proper theology of 'new creation.' This is not simply a book; it is a hitchhiker’s guide to the future for church teams desiring to explore Christian innovation.”

Author, pastor, professor, and cultivator of movements, Director of the Fresh Expressions House of Studies at United Theological Seminary, Director of Re-missioning Fresh Expressions US, and Cultivator of Fresh Expressions for the Florida UMC

Think Like a Five Year Old: Reclaim Your Wonder and Create Great Things

Creativity is today’s hot topic of corporate, educational, civic and personal life. It has been named the #1 most critical trait in corporate life today. The all-time #1 TED Talk is on creativity.

We all want to be more creative and to work with more creative people.

Yet few of us feel creative. Not coincidentally, we aren’t very interested in what we do. In fact, 87% of us are disengaged from what we do. We may have good educations; we may have decent salaries. We are busy yet we are bored—at work, at home, in our personal habits, and in our spiritual lives.

Think Like a Five Year Old demonstrates that the problem is not that most of us are incapable of creativity. Both science and faith say that each of us has this power within us. The problem is that while we have the power to create, it’s latent. We’ve lost sight of it.

In order to recapture this lost power, you need to know the story of creativity: why you had it to begin with, how you lost it, and how to get it back. Only then can you find the secrets to a more fulfilling life.

““I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. Len Wilson’s work is not only significant and inspiring, but critical for our society in this time. His insights are especially important for church leaders as we attempt to discover how to make the Gospel message authentic in our ever-changing and isolating landscape. Spirituality and creativity cannot be separated. We all need to be called again to become childlike in our faith, our imagination and our sense of wonder and possibility that we may recapture the creativity the Creator placed in all of us.”

Pastor, Gracepoint Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Creativity is critical to most endeavors, yet at times in everyone’s life, and in every organization, the wellspring runs dry. Len Wilson’s book is a gift that will inspire and foster creativity. Filled with terrific examples, this book will benefit leaders and teams in any line of work."

Senior Pastor, United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS

“I love this book so much. As a pastor and counselor, it has always burdened me to see a person stop taking risks, stop creating, stop living life to the fullest. God is a Creator God and we are made in His image. Thank you Len for encouraging us to dream again!”

Pastor, Blogger, Church Leadership Consultant, Director of Leadership Network

“In a world encumbered with dull and gray, Len Wilson offers us a brilliant, technicolor future by inviting us to harness our unique, God-given creativity. As creatures made in the image of God, each one of us has untapped ingenuity yet to be expressed. This book is for anyone who wants to tap into this well of imagination.”

Lead Pastor, Grace Church of Southwest Florida and Author, Vital

Think Like a Five Year Old invites us to take a bold, surrendered risk into a more creative, fulfilling life.””

Author, Freefall to Fly

“This remarkable book is for all of us who long to recapture the wondrous creativity we once took for granted. Len Wilson draws from inspiring stories of real people who fought the battle for divergent thinking and practiced the disciplines required to innovate. I highly recommend this practical and inspiring work, and plan to give it to my artistic daughters.”

Worship Designer, Leadership Coach, Author, An Hour on Sunday