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Do you love to read and are you willing to post reviews of Invite Resources books? Become an Invite Press Reviewer!

Use the form below to sign up and receive email alerts for our new book releases. You’ll receive notices of new releases with an invitation to receive a free copy of the book. When you request a book, you agree to post an original review (at least 75 words not including back cover copy) on a retailer website such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book, or Goodreads. You are also required to post a review in the store at It can be the same review. You should post your review within 30-60 days of receiving the book.

Act fast! Only the first 25 requests for each book will be honored.

Thanks for so much for your interest, and happy reading!

Please Note: By joining the book review club, you will be added to the Invite Resources mailing list. Only first edition paperback books are available for review and are restricted to residents of US and Canada only. We are not responsible for books lost or damaged in the mail. We are also unable to resend review copies if a package is returned because of an incorrect or outdated address.

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