What Jesus Expects Of Us

Coming September 2021

The latest from biblical teacher Dr. Scott Engle looks at the responsibilities of Christians who are serious about following Jesus. Engle brings fresh perspectives and life applications to well-known stories of Scripture.

Parenting With Perspective

Coming October 2021

Pastor and parent Kim Meyers looks at the realities of parenting as a Christian in today's culture. This funny, engaging, and practical debut is full of good ideas and insights from leading family experts.

Greater Things

Coming September 2021

What our culture desperately needs is not just innovation, but Christian innovation. This innovative book explores the principles and practicalities of Jesus’ amazing promise that we can do even greater things than He did. For the last two thousand years, real change that creates flourishing societies has often come through the work of Christians. Learn how to create that change today!

Coming Soon

Sneak previews of future Invite Press books scheduled for release!

Beyond the Broken Heart, 10th Anniversary Ed.

Fall 2021

An updated version of the grief classic by Julie Yarbrough. How does the heart understand grief when it is broken by the death of a loved one? This authentic, deeply personal exploration of the grief journey is full of Scripture and is a guide to finding answers and living forward.

Painting with Ashes

Winter 2022

How broken can you be and still hold on to hope for a better life, even a life that can be used by God for others? What if our weaknesses are actually our superpowers? Can our wounds become a source of healing for others? Dr. Michael Adam Beck tells stories of redemption and new life in this powerful exploration, deep from this pastor's soul.

Stirred Not Shaken

Winter 2022

The debut book from Rev. Edlen Cowley asks probing questions about the nature of the Christian community. What does it mean to live together as the church and as culture when we come from such different perspectives and backgrounds? Cowley tosses old images and ideas of community in exchange for a new way of thinking about racial and social reconciliation.

Jesus Unchained

Winter 2022

"Jesus did not do many miracles in his hometown because of their lack of faith." This disturbing verse in Matthew's gospel hints at the limitations we put on Jesus through our judgment, bias, and cynicism. The debut exploration of Rev. Robert Glenn Johnson asks, what happens when we truly believe Jesus can change the world?