Everything is Gonna Be All Right

Devotionals for Faith and Encouragement

by Robert Hasley

These short, uplifting devotional messages of comfort and encouragement are just the antidote for days of stress and worry. Pastor Robert Hasley tells homespun stories and anecdotes of a life lived in faith through good times and bad. His grandmother would always say, “everything’s gonna be all right.” A compilation of Rev. Hasley’s life experiences and devotional messages, Everything is Going to Be All Right is not tied to specific days of the week or year and may be read in any order for inspiration and support.

Everything is Gonna Be All Right

"I have read many devotional books, but none quite so heartfelt, warm, and relatable. It is a gift."

Dean, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

"At a time when so little seems to be all right, pastor Robert Hasley imparts wisdom inherited from his 101-year-old grandmother in a series of faith-restorative devotionals."

— Tim Cowlishaw
Dallas Morning News

"Here are the thoughts of a pastor who knows how to connect the Christian faith with the challenges of everyday life."

— Will Willimon
United Methodist bishop (retired), Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School, author of Accidental Preacher: A Memoir