The Work of the New Creation

by Len Wilson

What if we could actually help build a better culture?

We have been tearing down our own ideas and institutions for generations. It’s time to build again. While we love to talk about innovation, societies flourish when something greater happens: Christian innovation.

This book explores the implications of Jesus’ amazing promise that we can do even greater things than He did.

From a pioneer in creative thinking, learn a proven process for turning faith in Jesus into action that builds a better world.

  • Publish Date: September 20, 2021
  • Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | eBook
  • ISBN-13 Hardcover: 978-1-953495-10-5
  • ISBN-13 Paperback: 978-1-953495-09-9
  • Language : English
Greater Things Cover

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The future belongs to Christian innovation.

The turmoil at the dawn of the 2020s are not an anomaly, but best understood in the context of a larger sea change that has been growing for the last generation. If the world is truly ending, then all is moot. But we would be wise to explore the alternative: instead of the end of the world, perhaps we are living through the birth of a new era.

It is impossible to go back in time and space to where we were before the pandemic began. The old ways are done; now it is time to build. Restoring culture requires innovation. But innovation has been a trending idea for a generation and we are no better off.

What our culture desperately needs is not just innovation, but Christian innovation.

Nowadays, Christians do not have a sterling reputation for new ideas, noteworthy solutions, and needle-moving systems. Yet for the last two thousand years, real change that creates flourishing societies has often come through the work of Christians. Over and over, followers of Jesus have demonstrated a supernatural ability to build culture and create opportunities for human flourishing. Jesus has a simple name for this: greater things.

Christian innovation is what happens when Christ’s people leverage their creative gifts and allow themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit through the work of Christ’s community for the inauguration of God’s purpose.

This book is an exploration of the implications of Jesus’ promise that we can do greater things. Its goal is to define and make simple the idea and process of Christian innovation. This groundbreaking work offers a means by which anyone can move to the forefront of positive societal change.

The time to tear down is done; now it is time to build. Learn how to do greater things today.


"Greater Things gets to the heart of innovation from a deep, holistic biblical perspective. This is really great, theological writing. Truly a much needed reading for connecting to God's next!


Pastor Emeritus, Ginghamsburg Church, Founder and Chief Strategist, Passionate Churches, LLC

Andy Miller

"Len Wilson's Greater Things offers a compelling vision and theology for Christ-centered innovation. In a sea of disruptive and evolutionary theories, Len offers a faithful perspective that embeds God's creative and redemptive character at the center of innovative work. This book is an excellent read for any Christian leader who desires to see God's kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven."


Vice President, Innovation and Partnerships, Indiana Wesleyan University


"There is a deep longing within us to experience the greater things which Jesus promised. Len Wilson goes beyond cut-and-paste marketing methods and inspirational nuggets to provide a solid, soul stirring foundation for Christian innovation. Greater Things will embolden you to begin a redemptive revolution of innovation to meet the spiritual and social needs of your community.”


Pastor, Assistant Director of Congregational Vitality for the New Mexico Conference, United Methodist Church

David Mcdonald

"This book will give you life and inspiration for the future! Len provides not only the crucial theory, but also the tangible and practical methodology for how to innovate in your context with your people. His cultural commentary is rooted in sound biblical exegesis, and his methods are anchored in Christian history and tradition. If you want to know how to be better, how to dream better, and how to innovate more faithfully to the calling of God upon your life, then this book is a must-read (and must-own, and must-share)."


Founder, Fossores Chapter House and Pastor, Westwinds Church

Rick Bartlett

"For some Christians, the notion of innovation can bring anxiety, especially when compared with an 'old time religion' that feels so comfortable. We need a guide with a love for the Church and experience in Spirit-led innovation. Fortunately, Dr. Len Wilson is this person. In Greater Things, this pastor, entrepreneur, creative, and innovator provides a map to guide the Church in adaptation and innovation which are critical for the future. As a professor I can confidently state this book will become required reading in our degree program.”


Program Director, Ministry Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Tabor College

Sue Nilson Kibbey

"Greater Things is a riveting, thoughtful, educational, inspiring goldmine for innovational creativity. With stories from history, well-grounded and illuminating scriptural exegesis plus practical handholds for application, this new resource is loaded with everything to take your God possibilities to a whole new level. Highly recommended!”


Director, Bishop Bruce Ough Innovation Center, United Theological Seminary

Michael Adam Beck

"This is the best book on Christian innovation I've ever read. For too long the Western church has blindly embraced the ideology of progress as our core narrative. Through faithful and penetrating Scriptural engagement, Len replaces the common adoption of 'creative destruction' with a proper theology of 'new creation.' This is not simply a book; it is a hitchhiker’s guide to the future for church teams desiring to explore Christian innovation.”


Author, pastor, professor, and cultivator of movements, Director of the Fresh Expressions House of Studies at United Theological Seminary, Director of Re-missioning Fresh Expressions US, and Cultivator of Fresh Expressions for the Florida UMC

Talbot Davis

"Len Wilson literally wrote the book on creativity. Now he takes on an even weightier subject: innovation. Writing with clarity and purpose about the church’s clarity and purpose, Wilson ranges from Rauschenbush to Vos and from Willow Creek to Twitter. Along the way he offers this trenchant observation that I can’t stop mulling over: 'Eventually, the influence of all innovations atrophy.' Oh, I don’t want that to be true but I know it is. Dig in to Len Wilson’s latest to feed your soul and stir your mind."


pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Charlotte, NC, and author of six books with Abingdon Press


"In this groundbreaking new book, Len Wilson - author, innovator, entrepreneur, and follower of Jesus   - takes the reader on a much-needed journey exploring Christian innovation in the church. If there has ever been a need for church leaders to think creatively and with imagination, that moment and the opportunity is now. Len helps the reader see that innovation and tradition are not at odds, but that innovation actually builds on tradition. This trailblazing book explores the promise of Jesus that if we believe in Him, we will do even greater works than he did. I highly recommend this challenging and thought-provoking book!”


Consultant, Author, Senior Vice President, Horizons Stewardship


"Sometimes a book comes along and it is clearly the book for this moment. Greater Things is just that book for Christian leaders today. Len Wilson, a trusted innovator and an accomplished practitioner, takes us on a journey to better understand where we are at and where the Spirit is leading.  If you have felt stuck in ministry or are looking for ways to use your creativity for God’s Kingdom, this is the book for you!"


Pastor, Providence Church, Mt. Juliet, TN


“Every now and then a book shoots across the sky like a bolt of lightning, cleansing the air, clarifying the subject matter, silhouetting the challenges, and lighting up the horizon for new vistas and ventures. Len Wilson’s Greater Things is that rare, out-of-the-blue bombshell of a book that will electrify anyone concerned about innovation, creativity, and imagination in the church.”


Best-selling author of over 60 books, distinguished visiting professor at five colleges and universities, and founder/president of SpiritVenture Ministries,, and The Salish Sea Press.


"In Greater Things, Len shares so much wisdom on Christian innovation and what it truly means for Christians to be the work of the new creation. Len’s passion and creativity is so evident on every page, it’s motivating me to continue to think outside the box, take risks, and bring my ideas into community like never before. Let’s make 2021 and beyond a new era of Christian innovation and growth. Reading this is the perfect place to start.”


Lead Pastor, Embrace Church, author, Love Has A Name