Solid Souls

by Arthur Jones

Your small, everyday choices have eternal effect.

Some think the state of our soul only comes down to one big spiritual decision in life. However, while we depend on the grace of God, our soul is shaped by life’s little everyday decisions, not just a few big ones. These small decisions in our relationships, in our work, and for ourselves put us on a trajectory towards a more solid soul, or a more shriveled soul, one that is isolated from others and God.

In this bold new work, pastor Arthur Jones weaves together Scripture, history, theology, and pop culture to reclaim the ancient concept of a soul. A soul is not afterlife vapor but something very real and very specific: the resurrection of the body. Jesus’ message is that the kingdom of heaven is here now. The choices that we make in every moment lead us toward heaven or away from it. In Solid Souls, learn to see your life and the lives of others with eternal eyes, and learn how to live life in such a way that you find yourself on a trajectory toward fulfillment and flourishing. Discover how to make your soul more solid today.

  • Publish Date: July 1, 2021
  • Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | eBook
  • ISBN-13 Hardcover: 978-1-953495-06-8
  • ISBN-13 Paperback: 978-1-953495-07-5
  • Language : English

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Arthur Jones Teaching

"Arthur Jones powerfully melds theology with every day spiritual practices leading to abundant life--now. In the tradition of the pastor scholar, Jones brings deep spiritual truths to the arena of daily life, identifies what is truly transformative, and presents eternal mysteries of God in ways that are at once simple and profound. A must read for anyone wishing to pursue growth of God’s grace in their lives!"

Gaston Warner

CEO, Zoe Empowers


"Jim Rohn famously wrote about suffering either 'the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.' In his book Solid Souls, Arthur Jones masterfully and practically invites us to either choose the discipline of cultivating a solid soul or living with the regret of a shriveled soul."

Jorge Acevedo

Lead Pastor, Grace Church, a multi-site United Methodist Congregation


"What is tended thrives. What is neglected withers. Arthur Jones offers a salient reminder of what is truly important in life and an exhortation to tend those things...with intention."

Rev. Shane Bishop

Senior Pastor, Christ Church, Fairview Heights, IL

Warren Smith

"St. Augustine famously said, I want to know two things, God and the soul; for therein lies true self-knowledge. Arthur Jones offers a modern spin on that ancient quest. Through a thoughtful engagement with popular culture, cognitive science, and Scripture, Jones challenges us to see how our choices for things substantial or insubstantial determine the character of our soul - whether it is solid or shriveled - which determines our ability or inability to receive the real gifts of God - now and in eternity."

J. Warren Smith

Professor of Historical Theology, Duke Divinity School


“I wasn't aware how badly my own soul needed these words in this book. Solid Souls by Arthur Jones speaks to passion, purpose, and what it means to live a life fully and abundantly. I love the way Arthur sees the world and brings the scripture to life within the pages of this story. Highly recommend this read. Your soul will thank you for it.”

Rev. Mark Sorensen

Senior Pastor, The Woodlands United Methodist Church, The Woodlands, TX